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"Da Hell, Man?"

  "Where am I? What's goin' on here?" Sheesh, what laziness on the blog front of things. I've stated in the past that I felt no need to rush any posts, and that since I do this for fun I would only post when I felt I had something worth posting. Not that I haven't had post worthy content, but I've been lacking in posts over here. I love to post on the FB page as I can quickly post a song or a music video, but still. I figured due to my absence here I might as well give general music updates (playlists), and new artists that I've been bopping frequently. One of the playlists that I've been updating the most frequently is the Swancore Inspired Bops Playlist. Tons of great artists take on the great Progressive Post-Hardcore sound that has been developed so well. Resilia is one that captures that sound nicely, and they've got some new content lately although they only have a few songs overall. Silver/Amnesty is an excellent one. One that I've r
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February Roundup Vol. 2

  Shame, shame, shame! I've been quite lazy on the blog front of things lately but I will always try to post my monthly playlists since I'm always looking for new music. FB posts are still at least a few times a week so there's that. Nevertheless, February had a lot of nice music for me, and it'd be a crime to not share some of em. Worst Party Ever- False Teeth This is that perfect sing along type of emo. I've definitely glanced over Worst Party Ever before and I'm glad I finally listened to them. False Teeth is really great but Road Trip is like, wow factor for me. It's vocally reminiscent of another band that I cannot remember but its right there, agh. Regardless WPE will be a frequent listen for me going forward. For The Win- Crash and Burn For The Win is not super unique per se, as you can draw a lot of influences but that's not to say the music is bad. Crash and Burn is a nice feelsy and vocally wholesome song but I cannot help but internally laugh

January Roundup Vol. 2

  Here we are again. Another year, another month, another roundup. I've got high hopes for music in 2021 and hopefully we will see some return of live music and being able to see artists we like live in person. Anyways let's get into Volume 2 of my monthly playlists! Vilano- Greetings! Vilano is really cool and a new listen for me. They bring back that mid 2000's pop punk sound that's so addicting to me. Greetings starts off in a similar way to Veara's My B-Side Life then branches off into its own thing. There's some really good drumming in both songs as well which also made me correlate the two. Another song I've been digging is Who We Are (feat. Fronzilla). It's a completely different sound but it's pretty much just a Myka Relocate song with Fronz, which in all honestly is really good. Juneva- If You're Jezebel, Then I'm Bill Murray If you've read through enough of my posts, you know how I feel about post-hardcore. Juneva only had 2 EPs

The 2020 Roundup!

  Man I don't even know how to start this one. 2020 has been an absolutely wild ride from start to finish. I'm sure it's been that way for everyone and it's a year no one will forget. Perspective and growth have been some keys to move forward with and hopefully the world is a little better on the tail end of everything. I'm not here to go on about all of that though, it's 2020 roundup time! A duality of playlists from the beginning of this blog back in February wrapping up this insane year. Let's get into it and look back at a few key bands and songs that got me to this point writing this post! First though, I've got 2 playlists for everyone today. One of them is a full compilation of each monthly playlist that are viewable on this blog. An "exhaustive collection" I call it, although it's only 234 songs. It would be way too much for me to write about everything I listened to over the year, or even on a monthly basis. Most of my monthly roun

A Youthful Summer

A Youthful Summer There's something about certain songs or artists that give feelings of nostalgia or just plain bliss. A Youthful Summer is a playlist built around those long summer days throughout the 2010's. I suppose the aesthetic and nostalgia aspects would be geared towards folks that grew up on some of the music on this playlist. Regardless I feel there are a lot of good musicians being represented here, I hope you enjoy! I like to touch on all of the genres that I enjoy, but this playlist is narrowed down to a few main genres. Pop-punk is easily the most prevalent but realistically the genre appeals to a lot of younger folks. Not a bad aspect by any means but I like the nostalgia the genre evokes.  In terms of overall influence I think the cake goes to A Day To Remember. Their music made "heavier" sounds more accessible to a wide audience. That's where the bit of easycore comes in. Belmont and Lonely Avenue are 2 slightly newer arti

November Round Up

Damn I'm late Hey y'all! It's roundup time. Apologies in advance as this'll be a fairly quick post but there's still been a nice rotation of songs this month. Let's jump right into things! Driveways- October Forever (album) Where do I start with this one? Driveways has found a way to blend multiple styles within their own style and make it sound superb. You have elements of pop punk, emo, R&B, and easycore. Songs like Contours and Fifteen Over Five sound like Neck Deep. October Forever sounds just like an A Day To Remember song. Contradictions & Perennials have some nice guitar work and lyrical punch like Tiny Moving Parts. It's hard to not really just love how well they've blended it all together. If you're into the R&B aspect more Sleep Paralysis is also really well put together. Fu Manchu- Evil Eye I'm usually not a big fan of the droning sounds of stoner rock, but Fu Manchu has just the right amount of ene

Swancore Inspired Bops

Ah yes, Swancore. I've touched upon it briefly in some of my previous entries but today's post is on a playlist I've had for several weeks now.  S.I.B Playlist Swancore is a self coined genre by musician Will Swan. Widely known for his work in Dance Gavin Dance over the years, he began his record label Blue Swan Records in 2013. Since then, there has been a plethora of bands that have put out really solid material in my opinion. Now, I could easily just copy/paste a bunch of artists that are or were under the Label, but that's too simplistic. This playlist is a mixture of some Swancore bands, as well as other bands that sound similar or take influence from Dance Gavin Dance in general. It's a weird sort of limbo in my head if I overthink it, but I see it like this: Essentially there are artists that sound like either DGD or bands on the Swan Records Label, but are neither. Now, like all of my playlists, this is still a work in progress. Some get added to infrequent